inVIVO Planetary Health (formerly in-FLAME - International Inflammation Network)

inVIVO Planetary Health provides an integrative systems framework for understanding the eco-biological impact of living environments (including biodiversity) on microbial diversity and life-course human health. 

Modern environmental and lifestyle changes are associated with an unprecedented rise in chronic inflammatory noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) The most common NCD's include allergic conditions, asthma and chronic lung disease, autoimmune disorders (type 1 diabetes, chronic inflammatory bowel disease, thyroiditis, rheumatoid disease) obesity, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, cancer and neurodegenerative conditions.

Inflammation and immune dysregulation are common features of these diverse conditions highlighting the a central multisystem role of the immune system. The specific vulnerability of the immune system to recent environmental changes is also reflected in the dramatic increase in virtually all immune diseases. Furthermore, clinical expression of immune disease within the first year of life, together with detection of immune dysregulation at birth, provide clear evidence of very early effects. Environmental risk factors for early immune dysregulation (dietary patterns, environmental pollutants, microbial patterns, and stress) are common risks for many NCDs, highlighting the need for interdisciplinary collaboration focusing on inflammation as a common element and target for NCD prevention.

This IRG addresses the risk factors, pathways and strategies to overcome the rising propensity for chronic inflammatory disorders and associated immune dysregulation, with a focus on early effects on the developing immune system. Collaborating institutions will develop an integrated program of population studies, biological studies and intervention studies ultimately aimed at preventing inflammation and the burden of subsequent disease.

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