WUN China Foreign Direct Investment Symposium

As the most populous country and the second largest economy in the world, China’s impact on the global economy is multifaceted, profound and rapidly evolving. Since the mid-2000s, Chinese outbound foreign direct investment (OFDI), often in sectors reflecting strong domestic demand such as energy and resources, has grown exponentially and begun to reshape the global economy in myriad ways. 

While still relatively modest in terms of overall stock volume, Chinese investment is gathering momentum that offers immense opportunities to resource-rich countries including Australia and Canada, but also to countries that seek mandatory capital and partnerships. On the flip side, however, uncertainties, risks and vast differences in business practices and governance standards challenge policy makers, business leaders and researchers to develop balanced and innovative approaches in order to mitigate the risks and maximize the benefits of Chinese investment. In addition, the necessary data required and protocols to achieve comparable and comprehensive data management are incomplete. 

This WUN symposium, hosted by the WUN Global China Group, will bring together researchers from China, Canada, Australia, South Africa and the U.K. to focus on the global investment trends, as well as country-specific public policy issues, that arise from Chinese investment. 

The lead conference organizers will be WUN members, the University of Alberta and the University of Sydney


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Multi-purpose Room (1st Floor)

Yasumoto International Academic Park

The Chinese University of Hong Kong


The official hotel of the WUN Conference & AGM 2015 is the Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Sha Tin. This hotel is ideally located adjacent to the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where the majority of meetings and events will take place.

WUN participants who book before 15 April 2015 will get a harbour-view room with breakfast included at a rate of HK$1420 per night. Download the accommodation booking form.

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Symposium Convenor

Professor Gordon Houlden, Director, China Institute, The University of Alberta.

For further information, please contact Jia Wang, The University of Alberta. 

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