Workshop 'Brexit and the International Higher Education Landscape: Strategic Solutions to Sustain Knowledge Partnerships'

BREXIT and the International Higher Education Landscape - Strategies and Solutions to Sustain Knowledge Partnerships

The purpose of this workshop is to review the current status, opportunities and threats, and future projections of BREXIT. The experts will discuss the strategies for building and strengthening bridges at European-UK and international levels. They will focus in particular on opportunities for practical approaches and outcomes in research, education, mobility and impact.

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  3. Selected background papers (combined) 
  4. British Council commissioned report 
  5. Welcome and briefing note for participants

Further Reference Links: 

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Summary Report and Outcomes 

This summary distils the objectives, discussion and outcomes of the WUN “Bridges over BREXIT” Workshop, attended by 40 invited experts from universities, government, business, agencies and media.


Presentations (in order of appearance):

Video report

This video provides a snapshot of the day, including comments from keynote speakers. 
Credits: Maastricht University. With a special thanks to the video team and the coordinator. 

Partner Reports

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