WUN White Spaces Postgraduate Network

The postgraduate arm of the White Spaces network is semi-autonomous to the broader White Spaces network.  It focuses on postgraduate development in the area of critical whiteness studies and aims to create a graduate community that understands the specific pressures, constraints, and opportunities facing postgraduates working in the field.  The network also aims to build links with practitioners and non-academics in order to make an impact beyond the confines of the academy. 

The postgraduate network held its inaugural conference ‘New Territories in Critical Whiteness Studies Postgraduate Conference’ over 18-20 August at the University of Leeds, with financial support from the Social Policy Association Small Grants Fund, the Economic History Society, the Leeds Humanities Research Institute, the Worldwide Universities Network, and the University of Leeds’ School of History and School of Sociology and Social Policy.  


Central to the network is its promotion of international collaboration between members.  The postgraduate network currently has more than twenty people from across the globe, including the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada.

Through the use of innovative technologies to share information, the network aims to advance this evolving field into new territories and develop research partnerships and other opportunities for its members, by providing an opportunity to share information, experience, successes and even the difficulties that we face, in order to assist each other in developing our research careers in the field of critical whiteness studies. 

Since the conference, the network has been active in developing the potential of the postgraduate arm.  Two important development strands are:


  • The blog offers an interactive and thought-provoking platform to bring issues of critical whiteness studies to a wider audience, both academic and non-academic. 
  • The blog enables people to post thought-pieces, reviews, responses to current events, and interactive comments. 
  • The blog provides an outlet for ideas, as well as a collaborative enterprise that can respond to issues and debates in the field in a dynamic and thought-provoking way, as well as sharing important information such as future events, articles, links to other networks, and TV/film/book/article releases.

Virtual Seminar Series

The virtual seminar series facilitate ongoing empirical, methodological, and theoretical discussions as well as ‘Master Classes’ within critical whiteness studies that can be accessed by participants internationally. 

Get Involved?

The network provides a dynamic, challenging, and critical space in which to debate issues and open up dialogue within the field of critical whiteness studies and beyond.  We are interested in exploring the diversity of perspectives, both ideologically and geographically, and value the personal engagement that people from different approaches and backgrounds can bring to researching whiteness and white ethnicities. The network aims to build on this engagement and to reflect the debates, challenges, and developments in critical whiteness studies, and with the collaborative efforts of current and future participants, it proposes to be an exciting and ongoing enterprise

Anyone interested in becoming involved in the PGR arm of the network should contact Say Burgin hy08snb@leeds.ac.uk or Maddy Abbas ss08msna@leeds.ac.uk at the University Of Leeds

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