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The WUN Think Tank presents thoughts, evidence, opportunities, published articles and actions arising from the WUN network of 21 leading research universities and 90 interdisciplinary research groups. The WUN Think Tank is our mechanism to share knowledge and offer solutions on issues of global significance, while contributing to the international debate. 

WUN works with knowledge partners world-wide, including academia, government, business, international agencies and NGO’s, in translating its work to policy options and practical translation.   

Global innovation networks: The anatomy of change

Higher education and research are no longer privileged pursuits pursued by high priests in isolated ivory towers. That history and stereotype, itself only partly true, has given way to the increasing catalysis of change. The change is fuelled by rapid development and competition, and by a concert of factors and global dynamics affecting the international research universities that are the subject of this discussion.

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Bridging Policy and Academia at the Sixth Annual Presidents Forum

On 7 April, WUN Presidents, as well as distinguished representatives from the European Parliament, European Commission, European Research Council and national embassies, convened in Brussels for the sixth annual WUN Presidents Forum. Titled ‘Open Doors: European Opportunities in Research & Education,’ the Forum took place alongside the WUN Conference and AGM 2016.

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WUN a Voice in International Research and Education Reform

Today’s higher education landscape is changing rapidly as a direct result of globalisation and technological advancement. Key issues include access and affordability, public/private collaboration, technology’s impact on research, and the evolving roles of academics, students and administrators in light of increased internationalisation. 

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