Student Mental Health During the Pandemic

WUN is hosting a series of webinars to help member universities benefit from each other's experience in addressing some of the unprecedented pandemic-related challenges now facing them.  Each webinar will last an hour, and will be organised around the sharing of insights about a specific challenge, followed by a broad Q&A.

The focus of our first webinar, to be held on Tuesday 5 May (click through for local times) will be student mental health.  The webinar will begin with the sharing of both research and practice insights and experiences from members of the WUN Student Mental Health Working Group. This will be followed by a broader discussion with all attendees.

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Climate and shock: resilience in food production systems after COVID-19

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads, interruptions to public services and the imposition of social distancing have had major impacts on global agriculture and food supply. Professor Mark Eisler of the WUN supported Global Farm Platform discusses likely impacts of the crisis and the potential for rebuilding systems in more environmentally and economically sustainable way. 

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Mental health and COVID-19: How WUN universities are supporting their students

Before COVID-19 there were transnational trends in student mental health as well as local particularities, as students face adjustment challenges, the demands of a competitive environment and external pressures like finances and employability.

As the pandemic and related containment measures take hold, click through to learn about how WUN universities are supporting students’ mental health.

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University of Bergen conducts 'Bergen in change' COVID-19 Study

The Municipality of Bergen, the Institute of Public Health and the University of Bergen have together prepared a survey to gain knowledge of what the life of the inhabitants of Bergen Municipality is now. The survey will take approx. 10-15 minutes to answer and 80,000 adult residents of Bergen municipality are randomly drawn out and invited for voluntary participation.

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Rochester researchers pursue quick ways to detect COVID-19—and better understand it

As researchers around the world race to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, three scientists at theUniversity of Rochester are rapidly adapting previous research to develop tests to detect the fast-spreading disease. These tests could not only help detect COVID-19 in individuals, but also improve understanding of the mechanism by which the disease damages human tissue. The result may lead to new treatments and vaccines.

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