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Networking Young Citizens

The WUN Networking Young Citizens Study Group comprises a number of scholars dedicated to understanding and developing civic engagement and learning in youth online environments.

The broad aims of the project are:

To examine how new Web 2.0 tools and social networking applications such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Second Life help young people develop new civic capacities. It is examining how traditional institutions of political socialization respond to new youth media practices and how new social movements might relate both to youth culture and mainstream politics through the use of new media.

The civic learning goals and opportunities in online environments and the aspects of civic and citizenship learning that transfer from classrooms to online environments are also the subject of research.

The Civic Network project

A two year comparative research project was launched in 2012 with funding from the Spencer Foundation to examine the potential influence of social media upon the political values and behaviour of young people in the UK, Australia and the USA.  The research team are all members of the Networking Young Citizens Study Group. More information in the Resources section of this page.