Researcher Mobility

The Research Mobility Programme (RMP) encourages personal and academic development of individuals, primarily early in their research careers, to equip them with the skills needed for future international academic success. The programme allows young scholars to advance their knowledge-base within their field of study, establish new contacts and mentors,and enhance their graduate dissertations through the experience gained in studying in other research cultures.

All WUN members waive any fees associated with the RMP, which are typically short visits of 2-3 months. The programme enables institutions across the Network to exchange expertise, share access to rare facilities and establish new relationships at both graduate and supervisor level.

Case studies

Institutional conditions

The resources that WUN partners make available to support RMP vary from institution to institution. Some make modest awards to help with travel and subsistence during the visit, while others integrate graduate mobility into international research development funds.

Further information may be obtained by contacting WUN institutional coordinators listed on our member pages or read the following specific pages:

University Funding Scheme Contact
University of Alberta WUN Research Mobility Fund Tamara Day
University of Auckland International Central Networks Fund Usha Bhatia
University of Bergen University of Bergen Research Mobility Programme Bjorn Erik Andersen
University of Bristol University of Bristol Research Mobilty Fund Susie Jim
University of Cape Town WUN Research Mobility Programme Lara Dunwell
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Global Scholarship Programme for Research Excellence
PhD Student Exchange Programme

Short Term Faculty Exchange Programme
nternationalisation Mobility Schemes

Yvonne Heung
University of Leeds Research Mobility Programme Anoushka Kulikowski
University of Rochester

Information for UR researchers
Information for visiting researchers

Todd St. Vrain
University of Southampton Research Mobility Program Eleonora Gandolfi
University of Sydney Information for RMP applicants planning a visit to Sydney Amanda Sayan
University of Western Australia Research Collaboration Awards Judy Berman
University of Wisconsin-Madison Information for Faculty & Academic Staff David Joiner
University of York Research Mobility WUN Coordinator