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Elisa Lawson (E.Lawson@southampton.ac.uk) The University of Southampton

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The Worldwide Universities Network, in partnership with the UK Health Literacy Group, is proud to announce a suite of international events focused upon addressing socio-economic disparities in the prevention, control, treatment and outcomes of Non-Communicable Diseases in global and local comparative contexts.

Last year, the WUN Global Public Health group, after meeting in Shanghai in May 2011, contributed, particularly on the significance of early life factors in the prevention of NCD in developing countries, to the UN High-level Meeting of the General Assembly on the Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Disease. In May 2012, WUN, in partnership with the UK Health Literacy Group, will begin to address some of the key recommendations made in the UN report. These include health literacy promotion, private sector collaboration, a lifecourse approach and calls for national and international investment in research on all aspects of prevention and control of NCDs

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WUN Satellite Workshop on Inflammation in NCDs- 19-20th May

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WUN Public Health Global Challange Event

Health Literacy - preventing illness, promoting health

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