Global Higher Education and Research

Flags from many nations

The WUN Global Challenge in Higher Education and Research (GHEAR) calls on affiliates of WUN to address the sources, mechanisms, and social structures that give rise to today's higher education challenges and to work collaboratively across the network to propose reform policies for international research and education. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Access and affordability (what are the barriers to equal access and opportunity, and how might these barriers be minimized or removed?).
  • Public/private intersections and collaborations in higher education (how do changing patterns of public/private collaboration variously affect the research and educational missions of higher education institutions?).
  • The use of old and new technologies to shape today's skill base (how does technology mediate and advance research and higher education?).
  • The changing roles of academics, students, and administrators under conditions of globalization (how have higher education institutions changed in areas of research, instruction, and organization?).